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Mrmofo 06-20-2007 09:12 AM

my lighting
just a question. i recently took the plunge and invested in a 700L (180g) tank and my light setup is an 8 bank of t5's i dont think this is enough light to support hard corals even if there at the very top 7 inches from the source. i was thinking of buying a 3x 250W MH with 2 t5's on the side with 4 moon lights only 470 on ebay.just wondering if its necessary or not? they r double ended aswell and its a very good bargin im thinking but 250W x 3 + 2 T5's about 6 foot long would eat electricity like a monster.tank dementions are 6x2x2 its a nice flow setup is 1x6000lph pump for my sump,2 submergable filters at 2000 lph with 3 power heads at 2000lph with 2 other power heads at 660 lph about 17000 lph turn over at 700 litres so about 23 turns an hour,skimmer and refugium in the sump with cheato and a 3 foot fluro over the refugium in reverse cycle. 80kg's of live rock. blue tang, powder blue tang, yellow tang, lipstick tang, clown trigger, pocasso trigger, clown, blenny, 8 green chromos,3 yellow chromos and my pride and joy purple tang. is this an ok setup for a reef tank?(i know the triggers arent to reef safe)

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