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Chef84 03-21-2011 01:54 AM

Snail questions
Used fishless cycle. Tank is cycled and now ready to add fish. My tank has a good bit of algae in it so I thought I'd get some nerite snails first. Couple of reasons I want snails first: 1. Algae. 2. If I get the snails first and put them in the main tank then I can put my first batch of fish in the quarantine tank at that same time. Keeping the fish in QT for six weeks, any piggy back fish loving parasites that are on the snails(hiding in infected h2o in shell or on shell) in main tank should be dead by then since no fish host will be available for that amount of time(6 weeks).

One question is after I add snails to the main tank do I then need to stop adding all ammonia? Do they produce enough ammonia to fuel the biofilter I've work so diligently on?

Second snail question. Will these levels be ENOUGH to keep shell from dissolving?
50 gal. Tank. Ph 7.3 or 7.4, Kh 3 or 4, GH 6 or 7.
I know the buffer (kh) should be over 4 to help ph swing but I already have 5 table spoons of crushed corral in my filter. Also if i add more CC to raise calcium(GH) the ph goes up, not what i want. Also doing a 5 gal (10%) water change every Sunday. Water out of Tap is PH 7.0 KH 2, ? on GH.

Has taken months to get tanks to this point plz help if u can thanks.

Lupin 03-21-2011 07:44 AM

Unfortunately, nerites require a constant supply of algae so unless you are able to ensure abundant growth of algae, then you will need to keep only very few nerites to minimize food competition as much as possible or none at all.

Nerites rarely carry any parasites that can affect the fish so you do not have to worry about that one.

Your water is still too soft. They're quite prone to shell erosion. I would have made sure the pH is no lower than 7.6 and hardness level no lower than 150 ppm. 5 tablespoons of crushed corals for a 50g is not enough. A large bowl or two however may make a significant difference to satisfy the needs of your snails. A lot of fish will be absolutely fine with high pH and hardness levels otherwise, you should not attempt keeping snails at all.

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