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Christople 03-20-2011 10:28 AM

Iron Supplement
I bought five plants from my lfs and two of them are red ish orange. They seem to be fine and they are stem plants. here are the names, I don't know what the scientific names are so I will put all of them from the receipt: Ludwigia Peruensis, Cabomba Caroliniana, Ludwigia arcuta, I bought five plants but they forgot to make me pay for them. I can take a picture if needed and I don't know if those are the red plants but oh well.

Byron 03-20-2011 11:49 AM

Cabomba caroliniana is in our profiles (thus the name is shaded) so you will find info on this one there.

The Ludwigia peruensis is probably what was originally (1988) incorrectly named L. perennis, the correct scientific name is Ludwigia glandulosa which is a red leaf variety. Kasselmann says this is a difficult plant to keep alive, and even in ideal conditions (intense lighting, nutritious substrate and water, plenty of carbonic acid in the water, and a temp below 25C/77F) it will grow slowly. In less than optimum conditions it will quickly begin to disintegrate, usually from the bottom up. [See also comment below.]

Ludwigia arcuata [not arcuta] needs intense lighting to remain red; with less intense light it will be green.

Iron is often suggested for red leaf plants, but this is only one small requirement. As I mentioned above, these plants need more intense light than green leaf plants (generally speaking) and a nutritious substrate and water column. I came across one comment from a planted tank aquarist that an Eco-complete substrate plus fertilizer tabs next to this plant's stems was needed and even then the lower leaves regularly came off. He also mentioned mega-light.

Iron is a heavy metal which is highly toxic to all life forms in sufficient levels, so it must be balanced with all other nutrients and light (plus CO2) so that the plants can use it. If any nutrient is in excess to what the plants can assimilate, they can take up some as a toxin but this is limited and the rest remains in the system where it will harm both fish and plants. For these reasons I always recommend a balanced fertilizing approach, one that contains all nutrients.


Christople 03-20-2011 04:11 PM

I will see what I can do but I think this plant might die in my tank

redchigh 03-23-2011 09:58 AM

It may well die, but stranger things have happened. Every tank has subtle differences in chemistry, and chemicals released by plants and algae to inhibit other plants and algae (called allelochemicals) may or may not play a role.

Keeping plants is always like an experiment. We all try different plants.. Sometimes the 'easy' plants die off rapidly (like pygmy chain sword and hairgrass in my case), and difficult plants survive suprisingly well.

Good luck, and keep us updated. You do use a liquid fert, right?

Christople 03-23-2011 10:50 AM

Ummmmm no. And I doubt I can get some because they are around 15 dollars right? Actually I just realized that I am trading my ram because I wan't to keep my kribs and the store gives e credit and for the 6-7 dolars they give me I can get some..... was comprehensive flourish from seachem the good one. I also have hair grass and I don't see any runners. I might get the fert today so try to tell me what it is. And if you could tell me the price for the fert.

I have to get the ok from mom and it isn't likely. She will say that the plans are fine with out it and I have been driving heer crazy with all the trips to the shop to get the krib thing fixed

Christople 03-23-2011 12:08 PM

Please tell me I got the okay and need to know the brand and name of it!!!

Byron 03-23-2011 12:25 PM

I answered this in your PM, but will repeat here so it is part of the thread. Yes, Flourish Comprehensive is the fert to use.


redchigh 03-23-2011 12:37 PM

Ah, sorry. Never can tell whether there's behind-the-scenes conversing or not. ;)

Byron 03-23-2011 12:40 PM


Originally Posted by redchigh (Post 626817)
Ah, sorry. Never can tell whether there's behind-the-scenes conversing or not. ;)

Hey, that's not a problem. The more we agree, the merrier:-D.


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