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small fry 03-20-2011 03:51 AM

10g Live Bearer Tank
Hey guys. Oddly enough, I ended up with a 10g w/ hood and filter brand new for less than $20 with tax. I want to put my red-tuxedo guppy, Washington in there with some other fish, but I have afew questions.

For the last several months, I have wanted a platy. I was wondering if there was anything wrong with 1 Male Guppy w/ 1 Platy, 1 "normal" Molly, and 1 Ballon Molly. 4 fish. AqAdvisor didn't think there was anything wrong with that.

I am wondering what I should do as far as the genders of the fish. I have heard that alot of these fish may end up interbreeding, and I don't want to irresponsibly distribute hybrids, and on the same note I don't want to kill a bunch of fish. I am wondering what you guys would recomend as far as what genders I should try to get. I don't want a system where everyday is a war, if you know what I mean.

Suggestions? As always, before I get the fish I am pretty flexible, afterwards, not so much. I do not plan to get the fish until the tank is cycled, though, so it isn't going to be anything immediate.

Thanks guys!

small fry,

DKRST 03-20-2011 10:19 AM

Obviously, the mollys could interbreed, and I believe there there are reported cases of a molly-guppy hybrids, but they were fragile and don't live long? Platy's and mollys are not closely related, so I don't think there is much chance of offspring, certainly not fertile offspring.

I had platy's years ago and the strange thing was the gold wags wouldn't breed with my blue platy's and vice-versa. I think it was the fact each color was raised in separate tanks and the blue/gold platys didn't seem to recognize the other color fish as something they could mate with.

Having said that, the male platys did sometimes "court" my black mollies, with no resulting offspring!

coolcucumber 03-20-2011 01:17 PM

Platy's and mollies can not interbreed, because they are not of the same family. Mollies and guppies can, however, but as stated above, most of the reported babies didnt live for long.

I would suggest choosing 2 of those breeds, and then getting maybe 2-3 of each. Livebearers may not be schooling fish, however, they do much better in groups.

small fry 03-20-2011 01:40 PM

Thanks for your imput!

I really love the blue colored platies, black mollies, lyretail mollies, and I already have a red tuxedo guppy.

I guess I could do a 2 species tank, but it will take me a minute to figure out my favorite LBs.

Christople 03-25-2011 12:14 AM

black mollies remind me of ninjas

LasColinasCichlids 03-30-2011 02:30 PM

I dont know if I would even put a molly in a 10 gallon for long term...they get to 3 inches...and can actually be a pretty good bully.

Yes, mollies and guppies can crossbreed muppies...which the only thing I had heard about muppies is that they are sterile and cannot reproduce.

I have never dealt with female guppies, I have always kept males (purposely trying to avoid fry of any kind). With the male guppies, I find the larger the group the better as they like to get into small arguments, and having at least 3 can spread it around...I have 9, and it is very entertaining to watch them break into their little argument groups, nose to nose, swimming in a circle together while they bicker, and then swim about their way after. I have never kept less than 4 guppies together though. If you go with guppies, stick to the fancies as their size is better fit for a 10 gallon...if you get the specialty guppies, like Sunrise Tequila Delta Guppies, then you can end up with a much larger fish measuring at 2 inches full me, there is a BIG size difference between a fancy and a delta!!! Fancies also seem to be calmer than the others.

I cant comment on platys, I dont have them, have never had them, and probably will never have them. They just arent my thing I guess. But I know they are great fish for a 10 gallon.

If you are worried about breeding...stick with all males or all females...or do all male guppies, and either all male or all female platys. (Male guppies wont bother many other fish at all, however, they will happily aggrivate to death a female molly or female guppy.)

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