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Guppie luver 03-18-2011 06:53 PM

Lets see all of your pets!
How about we show all of our pets, our fish,cats,dogs,small animales,reptiles anything that lives in your house, I will get my pets when my camra works!:-)

LasColinasCichlids 03-19-2011 06:08 AM

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My Chihuahua, Daisy...and my Mainecoon Cat, Romeo. <3

Pic 1... Me with my chihuahua this past Christmas Eve with her dressed as an elf.

Pic 2... Bella, my African Dwarf Frog I have had for almost 2 years.

Pic 3... My Daisy again

Pic 4... My cat jumping out of a box that I was about to pick up and scared the crap out of me!

Pic 5... My cat again looking sooo handsome sitting outside for some fresh air one early Fall a few years ago.

Both my babies are indoors only (dog outside just to potty, cat outside on patio with me just for air maybe once a day for 5-15 mins). They are both also fixed, and up to date on all their shots.

Romeo just turned 7 years old this past February, and Daisy just turned 8 years old. They were both rescues...Daisy from the pound, and Romeo from a college student who was moving.

I have had Romeo for 5 years, and Daisy for 4.5 years.

Romeo is very curious and loving...also very talkative, as most Mainecoons are.
Daisy is very laid back, and yet very curious. She makes a great watch dog...alerts us when anything is out of the ordinary.
Daisy has had a few medical issues, but all are in remission for now. She was diagnosed with catarax in her right eye (vet was shocked I had seen it since it was so tiny), she was overweight when we got
her from the pound weighing 11 lbs, now she comes in at just 7.5 lbs. She also had fluxating patellas which gave her arthritis in her knees. Through a course of joint repair meds, pain meds, special diet
and exercise, Daisy is now running around like a 3 year old!!! And thankfully, her catarax has NOT progressed anymore.

Bella, my ADF, has been with me for almost 2 years. The first 1.5 years, I didnt know her sex, and called her Bill Clinton (her old tankmate when I first had her was named Bob Dole and was a betta).
A few months back I decided to learn how to tell sexes on ADFs, and found out my beloved Bill was now a Bella. She is very sweet, and actually interacts with me through the glass like my current betta.

I love my babies very much and wouldn't trade them for the world!!!

Grimmjow 03-19-2011 07:08 AM

Ive learned to never go near a box I suspect my cat may be in, whether its having claws dug into me or being crap your pants startled its just worth it to steer clear.

Guppie luver 03-19-2011 07:44 AM

AWWW so cute I should be able to show you lexy drew and max soon I will also put my tanks that have fish in them on.

iamgray 03-19-2011 01:54 PM

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Dog - Domino. German Shepherd x lunatic. Adopted from our local Humane Society a couple summers ago. She is only about 6 months old in that picture, and currently looks pretty much the same but bigger. She's about 2.5 years old now.

Cat - Lennox. Found under our porch when he was 2 weeks old. Abandoned by his mother.

Fish - I don't feel like posting a picture of my fish separately here, but there are pictures under my aquariums tab if anyone is interested. :)

LasColinasCichlids 03-19-2011 03:29 PM

@iamgrey...beautiful the lunitic! lol Oh, and total LOL at the crap your pants scare!

@guppie lover...cant wait for your pics!

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