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miagrrl 06-18-2007 05:51 PM

martha stewart, the fish
my new tankmates (2 yoyo loaches) are constantly remodeling my 30 gallon tank! they have moved plants (phew, only the fake ones), and one small rock- and they dug tunnels under some of the decor, in order to borrow underneath it. i don't mind them playing martha stewart at all, its actually kind of fun to see what they will move question normal is this?

mHeinitz57 06-19-2007 08:27 AM

oh its very normal. Its most often seen in cichlids but many fish will display this behavior too. The yoyo in particular is constantly rummaging through gravel in search of food so make sure they are getting plent of food via singing pellets or wafers. As far as hiding spots, they prefer tight areas to hide in, not wide open caves. So it is also normal for them to dig and create this hiding spot. I remember I had cichlids that would go nonstop all day creating their own little homes. Even if I made caves for them they would knock one of my rocks over and dig a cave underneath it. I love your title "martha stewart the fish"...very fitting! :-)

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