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fishgalore144 03-18-2011 10:15 AM

The Final Three
Hello. I have a 10 gallon tank and I am down to the final three different choices of fish for my tank. Please tell me which on you think I should get because I am so indecisive about it:-D
Silver Lyretail Molly
Red Velvet Swordtail
Balloon Belly Molly

Romad 03-18-2011 10:37 AM

Red Velvet Swords based on color alone.

SeaHorse 03-18-2011 01:15 PM

Agreed... Swordtails.

jeaninel 03-18-2011 01:33 PM

I like the Red Velvet Swordtails. Never been a fan of balloon bellies on anything. lol

julem35 03-21-2011 04:23 PM

Swords all the wayy!

Christople 03-23-2011 09:28 PM

I don't like platies or mollies but if I had to choose I would go with swords

1077 03-23-2011 11:35 PM

Actually, the Swordtails need a bit more swimming room than ten gallons. These are steamlined fishes that appreciate cooler water with moderate current, and ph between 7.4 and 8.0.
Ten gallons is best suited for small tetra like fishes,and perhaps small shrimp.
20 gallon long tank would be minimum for happy swordtail.(larger tank for more than one)
Of the fish mentioned,,the balloon molly would be better choice (not particularly strong swimmer's.) and if more than one is desired,,they too would need larger tank. IMHO

Amethyst123 03-24-2011 04:33 AM

I agree with 1077 that 10g isn't big enough for swords. They can get 3 to 4 inches long, and the males are even longer with the swords. They need room to swim. You really shouldn't put anything that will end up bigger than a couple of inches, max, in a 10 gallon, especially if they are active fish.

SeaHorse 03-24-2011 06:08 AM

How about one gorgeous Male Half Moon Betta. Mine has 10 gallons all to him self. check out my aquarium tab to see a pic of him.

LasColinasCichlids 03-30-2011 02:34 PM

I wouldnt stick mollies in a 10 gallon, they can grow to 3 inches, and can get rather like a bully in small tanks and just in general, especially with other mollies.

Have you considered guppies or some sort of smaller tetra?

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