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love_my_fish 09-27-2006 09:47 PM

strange fish, believe freshwater
I recently visited a new aquarium and they didn't have signs up yet listing names/species of fish, and they were pretty dead, so no one around to answer my question.

Maybe someone here could provide information? First, I'm not sure if the fish was freshwater or saltwater :? I was very distracted by how the fish looked. The fish was often in a vertical position along a rocky structure. So imagine head up. It has huge fins that remind me of moth wings -- like orange in color, just huge (about as long and wide as the fish). The strangest thing of all was the fish appeared to have 'legs', like crab legs :shock: coming out of its gills. There several of these fish, and they were 'walking' with these legs along the rocks.

What are they? Sorry I can't remember more details, they reminded me of catfish somewhat. :roll:

Lupin 09-27-2006 09:49 PM

Pls try to post a pic. We can't identify it without a pic.

love_my_fish 09-27-2006 09:59 PM

I don't have a pic. :(

I wish I could find one on the web, but I don't know what to search for. I will try to search for it.

Lupin 09-27-2006 10:04 PM

Potamotrygon motoro
View of its body underside
If so, there are freshwater and saltwater stingrays.:wink2:

love_my_fish 09-27-2006 10:20 PM

Nope. Not stingrays. My husband is going to stop by again and ask them what it is. It is driving both of us crazy! We just couldn't believe what we were seeing.

I can't find anything on the web like it.
Here is someone else seeing what may be this fish in the wild... no picture

I'm guessing now it my be saltwater fish.

Lupin 09-27-2006 10:21 PM

Pls bring your camera along.:thumbsup:

Love_my_fish, that fish is scary.:blueshake: A new discovery to ichthyology I can say.:wink2:

jsm11482 09-27-2006 10:39 PM

What is the name of the aquarium?

love_my_fish 09-27-2006 10:47 PM

The aquarium is part of Pier Wisconsin, which is part of Discovery World on Lake Michigan (in Milwaukee). They have some nice aquariums, not a whole lot, but what they have look great. The whole place is brand new, just opened earlier this month. They have horseshoe crabs which were cool too. I didn't check out the rest of the place, which I guess is sort of like a science museum -- much smaller than what they have in Chicago.

jsm11482 09-27-2006 10:49 PM

Could it be some kind of flying fish?

love_my_fish 09-27-2006 10:52 PM

Just noticed:

Originally Posted by Blue
Love_my_fish, that fish is scary.:blueshake: A new discovery to ichthyology I can say.:wink2:

Yeah, and I feel like once I post a pic a bunch of folks will say, omg you never saw those before? Those are like everywhere! LOL :D


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