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JGordon 03-14-2011 02:05 PM

Carbon in filter system
I have read some articles that carbon in filter system may not be all it is hyped up to be. I have a freshwater 40 gallon tank. My 4 clown loaches, 3 neon tetras, 6 red eye tetras, and 3 other tetras (I forget their name) are doing well. My tank's parameters yesterday were:

temp = 80
pH = 6.8
NH4 = 0
NO2 = 0
NO3 = 5
Phos = 0
GH = 8
KH = 0

I have a Fluval 305 canister filter system. I keep nitrazorb and phoszorb in it. I have Zeolite carbon, foam pads, and Bio-Max.

Is carbon necessary? I have always used it in my tanks.


MyLittlePleco 03-14-2011 02:12 PM

I used to have carbon in my filter before I found out that it also absorbs the nutrients necessary for plant growth. If you're going for a planted tank, definitely take the carbon out.

Having carbon in your filter is not necessary, and many people (myself included) would say that it is just a waste of money in the long run.

I've heard that carbon can be used to absorb medications in the water, one treatments are finished, naturally.

Carbon also seems to lose its effectiveness after around two or three weeks, after which it should be replaced (If you're going for carbon in your filter).

My own personal opinion would be to store the carbon in your aquarium cabinet until you truly need it.

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