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Pufferfish22 03-14-2011 11:21 AM

Temp drop on Guppy tank, one now looking sick?
When I did a water change on Saturday I turned my pump and heater off while the water dropped but I forgot to turn it back on and didn't realise til Sunday luchtime when I put the light on. I immediately did a 20% water change and brought the water back up to temp gradually and everybody seemed OK, but today I've found a little guppy lying on the sand, fins clamped and looking very ill. Is there anything I can do to help him? I know it's my fault and I feel very guilty and so angry with myself :cry:

eileen 03-14-2011 06:59 PM

You can try stess coat. Clamped fins is a sign of stress. I have a 3 gal. jug. I get water outside and I put a small heater in the jug that is for up to 5 gal. tank. The jug water gets heated to the temp. of the tank and when you do water changes the water is the same temp.The fish do not get stessed out. I wait til the light no longer lights which means it's at the water temp. I want.This works great in the wintertime when the water outside is cold. Sometimes you can't do anything when they get PH shock or temp. shock. I had a friend that forgot to add chemicals to the reg. tap water and all her fish died in the tank. It happens sometimes. The best way to do tanks is write which one you did and make a check when you add the chemicals so you do not forget. I hope your remaining fish all recover.

Pufferfish22 03-15-2011 06:12 AM

Hi thank you for that, I added some stresscoat to the tank water and did another partial water change but unfortunately the little guy didn't make it. Really sad as he was a very beautiful fish :cry: The other guppy boys look to be fine and suffering no ill effects of the temp drop.. Thanks for taking the time to help, it's much appreciated x

eileen 03-15-2011 10:38 AM

Just so you know most livebearers only live to about 2yrs old. Sometimes the ones you get at the pet store are already mature. You don't know how old they are. I always go for the smaller ones as you know they are young most of the time. In the warmer months I get the water the day before and let it warm up to the house temp. but I like putting the heater in now to warm up the water to my tanks.Male guppies are so pretty compared to the females and with females livebearers you get lots of fry born every month. If you have a community tank a good way to keep the fry population down is to buy a angelfish or gouarmi as they eat baby fry and some of the stronger ones will survive in your plants or floating plants. If your tank is to small to house those fish let nature take it's course and leave the fry in with the parents. I like having baby fish as it's fun to watch them grow and develop color. I use craigslist to rehome my excess or take them to the lfs to get credit.

It's also a good idea to not change your filter media the same day as you water changes as this will mess up your good bacteria that may be in your filter. Only do a 20%-25% water cange each week and do not overstock you tank or feed to much food. Every other day is good or skip one day of feeding a week like I do. If you do not have a bio sponge in your filter get one at the pet store and always keep it in your filter. If it gets really gunky you can lightly rinse it in treated water and put it back in the filter.

I'm glad that your other fish are all ok.

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