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joeshmoe 06-15-2007 02:28 PM

does any body have any expierance with kirb, im looking to start a 20gallon breeding tank for kirbs but i dont reaaly no all there needs so if any on can help me thnx.

frogman6 06-16-2007 05:39 PM

there pretty easy going cichlid they should breed soon after u get them just give them some nice rock formations and caves after that if there happy u should have eggs soon

herefishy 06-17-2007 10:03 PM

Kribs are relatively easy to breed. Mine are provided with a couple of broken flower pots in which to spawn. No other decorations in the tank and no gravel. Water hardness doesn't seem to be very critical as long as you stay away from extremes. I am fortunate in that my tap water is a flat 7.0pH. I have spawned them with pH ranges from 6.7 to 7.6. The fish may take a while to acclimate, but they should given time. Water should be kept rather clean with regular water changes and detritus sweeps.
It is also wise to have a ratio of (1) male to 3 or 4 females. I use this ratio on many of my breeding tanks. Cichlids, in fact many fish, are very hard on the female at spawning time. Especially when the female is not receptive to the amourous advances of the male. He can drive her to death, literally. I have also used this ratio and ended up with no other fish in the tank except the happy couple.
Also, the fish should be brought into breeding condition with regular feedings of live food. I use Daphnia, frozen brine shrimp, blood worms, and tubifex.
So, I guess there are no hard and fast rules, just general rules of thumb. Good luck.

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