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small fry 03-09-2011 12:59 PM

Please ID this snail
Hey guys!

I normally would never even consider getting a creature I had not fully researched. This was different. Let me explain.

I have been having some serious problems with Cynobacteria in my betta, Tony's divided 10g tank. I have been trying to get a Mystery Snail from my LFS for the past several weeks. I need something to start to help control the cyno. After many weeks of waiting, my LFS finally got some snails. Actually, 1 snail. Unfortunately, it happend to be a snail I haven't seen before.

The manager said it was a Trapdoor snail. It does have a trapdoor, looking very similar to a Mystery snail's trapdoor. I will put up some pics of the snail, but there are details that my camera doesn't capture. This snail has very, very fine black lines in a wavy pattern on top of a copper color. It looks like it has some kind of antennae. It has 1 white spot on the side, and a white spot at the bottom.

I can research its care/water chemistry requirements, I just need to know what kind of snail this is. btw, if it helps, the snail cost my $4!! idk why, but I was desperate for something to clean the cyno in Tony's tank.

Can anyone tell from the description and the picture what kind of snail this is?


Yeoman1000 03-09-2011 02:56 PM

I'm not a snail expert im afraid, but it might help if you could provide another view of it? In those pics it seems to give a misleading image of the shape of the shell.

Lupin 03-09-2011 06:00 PM

Olive nerite snail. No snail can eat cyanobacteria. It is bacteria, not true algae and it is toxic for all snails.

Try diverting output flow where the BGA is and start adding potassium nitrate to increase nitrate as a way to get rid the BGA.

small fry 03-09-2011 09:19 PM

Awesome! Thanks Lupin! That is definately the snail I have.

So as treatment you want me to increase the nitrates? That is going to be very hard to do with the anacharis growing in the tank (stem plants absorb that stuff like crazy). I could take the anacharis out, but I couldn't put it in another tank (don't want it to spread), and it wont like long without good lighting.

I can take the bulb out of my 10g tank hood (I only have 1 full spectrum bulb in the 10g tank hood) and put it in my 2g hex fixture to keep it alive.

Where do I find the product you mentioned (potassium nitrate)? You high do I raise the nitrates? How long do I leave them raised?

Also, is the cyno going to kill my snail soon, because I can certainly take it out if it will! I love that little snail! (btw, do you think those things usually run over $4?)

Thanks for your help Lupin!!:-D

Lupin 03-10-2011 03:12 AM

The nerites tend to be expensive like that. They're usually imported from Asia where most nerites dwell. You can remove the snail out of the tank as a precaution. I doubt that it will die if it ignores the BGA completely though.

How high is your nitrate right now? Give it 10-15 ppm.

small fry 03-10-2011 05:56 AM

As far as Nitrate, inexistant as usual. I need to find that potassium nitrate stuff and remove my anacharis. Is this something that one could find at Petsmart?

I may need to remove him (the nerite snail). I hate moving him from my Betta/Cichlid tank to the amazon QT, as the water chemistry is so different. According to a site I am reading, I wont have to worry about pH or tempreture. I can't find anything that seems to be very informative about the olive nerites.

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