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deman3 03-07-2011 03:54 PM

Weekly water change reuse?
I have recently removed both my 29 gallon and 10 gallon from service. They are empty and about to be cleaned out and moved to the basement. All of the decor and filter media are in use on the 55 to keep from losing the good bacterial growth. When I set the 10 and/or 29 back up would it be better to use new water or can I use the 25% weekly that comes out of the 55? Would there be any harm to the fish if I did use the water from the currently running 55 gallon tank?

Byron 03-07-2011 04:56 PM

While there may or may not be actual "harm" depending upon the tanks it is coming from, there certainly would be no benefit.

Think for a moment why you do a water change? It is solely to remove water that is loaded with crud--stuff such as dissolved waste and urine, ammonia, nitrite, nitrates, fish pheremones, plant pheremones (if you have live plants), etc. Fish will be healther without any of these, so introducing them to a new tank is counter-productive. And in some cases it might cause real health issues. Some diseases can be transmitted via water to other fish--even to humans.

Water removed from a fish tank is good for house plants and gardens, nothing else. If you should drink even a little, you can become very ill, seriously in some cases; I mention this only to reiterate that the stuff in the water is bad, not good.


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