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Mr.Todd 06-13-2007 05:13 PM

To Move The Fish or Not To Move...
So, I have had my 72G setup for like 3 days now, on the first day I put in a load of frozen blood worms for a ammonia source and then I later added 2 small fish (2 in each). I also have 2 big old potted plants in the tank as well (my tap water is nitrate city).

My filtration is a 184G/hr Eheim Canister that has been pretty well established by running on my old tank for approximately 6 or 7 weeks... I also mixed old bio media with new from an existing canister filter when I got the new Eheim (6-7 Weeks ago). So I believe that the filter is pretty well established...

I have yet to be able to get ANY ammonia reading! I was sure that I would have seen some action by now but the filter appears to be working it...

My total fish population for this tank is as follows (once it is cycled):

1- 1.5 in Cichlid
1- 2 in Cichlids
3- 2.5 in Cichlids
2- 3 in Cichlids
1- 3 in Pleco

For a total of about 20 inches of fish...

On the tank this is replacing I have an additional long running/well established Eheim cansiter (116G/hr) that I will be moving over to the new tank once the fish are moved out of the old.

So my question is, Do you think that I can move over my fish population if I continue to observe no ammonia in the tank?

:?: :?: :?:


leifthebunny 06-13-2007 06:03 PM

3 days isn't an overly long time for just the blood works. But moving over partial media will help. I would slowly start moving them over rather than all at once.

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