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dereks 06-13-2007 02:49 PM

Angels and warmer water
I wanted to add an angel fish with my discus, will it be ok in 84 degree water?

mHeinitz57 06-13-2007 04:18 PM

angels will definitely be ok with the temperature although you may want to lower it to 82F. Generally angels are kept from 78-82F and Discus from 82-86F so 82 would be a good compromise. I'm sure other people have different opinions on that though. The only problem I have ever heard with angels being kept with discus is just the potential for internal infections to carry over...especially if they are wild caught angels. If you are pretty sure it is a healthy angel then I don't see a problem with it.

Lupin 06-13-2007 06:11 PM

Here are a few issues I can mention with the mix.
1. Aggression-Angels tend to be more aggressive and will oftentimes bully the discus. Furthermore, angels are often eager to breed and can be a problem in a community.
2. Lion's share-Angels are greedy pigs whereas discus are grazers taking their time to chomp on the food. Make sure both are getting their fair share or at least, the discus must.
3. Diseases-Angels are often more resistant to diseases than the discus. As long as you are maintaining your tank well, I don't see why you should worry about it.

Most of us have kept them together successfully but it is down to luck whether you mix them successfully or not.

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