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aquaremo 03-05-2011 12:19 AM

Sunsun hw303b external filter - queries
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Dear All,

I have got myself yesterday, a SUNSUN External Filter, HW303BÖ (Purchased it for an offer Ė got the set for around 70$).
Here are the specifications of the one, I purchased.
1. 1400 litres per hour
2. Pump Power : 35 watts
3. 3 Stage Multi Layer Filtration
4. Built in 9 watt UV Sterilizer Complete with Filter media
5. 2m max head height
6. Separate on / off switch for UV
7. Quality Fittings ( Taps, hoses & spray bar inc )
8. Quick Release taps
9. Quiet and Extremely reliable
10. Weight : 5kg
11. Suitable for up to 500 litres

Queries :

1. Does anyone think that, the price paid for this is high?
2. I have not got any warranty for this filter, do you normally get one?
3. This is the first time, I am buying an external filter. This is for my 100g, that I have bot. This is currently running on 2 Internal Filters only. I have in there, a silver aro + a RD Flowerhorn (I know, thatís a lot of biomass in there). Recently, I have observed that, there is an pungent odour coming out of the aquarium from these fishes. When I had contacted the LFS nearby, they have advised me to get an External Filter for the remedy. Hence, I have purchased the above mentioned SUNSUN External Filter.
Are there, any ppl out there, with similar experiences, and anyone who has got the odour out of their aquariums with this type of external filter? i.e. does this filter work, the way I want it to?
4. Does the operation of these filters create a lot of disturbing noise in the Room ?
5. With the help of these types of filters, how often would I have to change the water in the aquariums?
6. What is the principle of water cleansing in these filters, that use bioballs, ceramic and activated carbon?
7. My Water in the aquarium is presently unclear, thatís because of the food I put in there. After I get this running, will I get the water crystal clear. Or will I have to add in new water, when starting this filter.

I know thatís a lot of questions.
I have just got a Rough Idea on how to use this. However, wud get back to u, with any other clarifications required for this.

All comments are welcome. Thanx in advance to all of u there.

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