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DKRST 03-03-2011 03:24 PM

Aquarium safety sticky?
Electricity and water don't mix...
Perhaps I have dreams of OSHA inspecting my workplace and finding violations. Anyway, one item I don't see mentioned prominently in the forum, especially for folks new to aquarium-keeping is electrical safety. I err on the side of paranoia with a self-installed GFCI outlet on the wall by my tanks and I have my heaters on a strip I shut off whenever I'm putting my arm in a tank. I know all electrical equipment tells you what not to do around water, but honestly, most folks don't read the instruction manuals!

Perhaps and addition to the aquarium maintenance guides "shut off power before plunging body parts into the tank"? Thoughts?

The moral: people with glass heaters shouldn't throw rocks (around the fish tank) ;-)

SeaHorse 03-03-2011 03:39 PM

Great idea for a sticky!! I learned something recently that in 30 years of fish keeping I had never done and that is to run the cord from the heater down into a DRIP LOOP and then back up into the electrical power bar. No cord touches another cord as water will run the path of least resistance. All items, heater, filter, lights etc ALL power cords must have a drip loop!! Also as my floor is not level my power bar goes highest, then my pump on a towel for noise, then my cannister that could leak, down stream so to speak. It only takes one-two degrees for water to flow....
Thanks for the tip on turning everything off!

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