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squiggles1 06-11-2007 09:57 AM

dwarf gouramis and gold gouramis
I have read things that say don't mix dwarf gouramis with the larger specimens. Well I have a dwarf honey gourami and 2 gold gouramis. Both the larger ones are female (one is about 2.5 inches the other 3 or a touch over) and there really hasn't been an issue. The tank is heavily planted with driftwood though and other smaller fish (red eyed tetras, neons, 2 baby angels, and many a cleaner fish). I was just wondering if anyone else has had experience keeping the dwarf and the larger ones in together without issue? They have been together for 2 or more months now. Also has anyone ever bred gouramis? Are they like bettas when breeding because I've bred bettas once before.The pic shows all 3 in it, the larger one on top, the smaller in the middle back and the dwarf on bottom.

willow 06-11-2007 10:18 AM

i had trouble with my gouramis,
the male constantly chased the female :(
then i decided to split them up,phew harmoney at last
or so i thought.
The male was now in with the barbs,and going great,(he still is)
however it was then the female who became the
beast from hell,she harrassed my Dwaf blue
to death :( to say i was gutted is an understatement
i loved that little guy,then two sunset reds,
she was returned to the shop. :x :(
that's just my experiance with the larger ones,
would never keep them again.
maybe i was just unlucky.

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