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francismachine 03-02-2011 11:41 AM

Beginner looking for help
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I recently adopted a tank from someone who was selling his 46 gal cichlid aquarium. I've wanted to get an aquarium for quite some time, but I am trying to do this the right way. I have attached a picture of the aquarium, and just to be safe I set it up as close to the same as he had it. From what I can tell, there are two convict cichlid's (one black & white striped although it is turning completely red and black, and a white pink one), two what I was told are the offspring of those two convicts, and two others. It is these two others that I am curious about. They both look very similar with on black spot and their tails have become very bright red. I just got this tank about 3 days ago and have noticed much more color on these fish, I think he was not taking care of them very well.

Any ideas what this fish is that is pictured?

I am feeding floating pellets (what he gave me) none of the fish will go to the surface. They only eat what the waterfall filter pushes underwater...and for some reason, only the tiniest fish actually eat. Have not seen these two larger mystery fish eat yet. Any help would be greatly appreciated, and I open to any and all suggestions. I am open to be molded to be the best fish owner I can possibly be. Thank you very much.

francismachine 03-02-2011 02:20 PM

After seaching through every single picture I could find on the internet, I am guessing these are black-belt cichlids. The black belt is there, despite being very faint. The biggest clue for me is the bright flourescent red tail.

If I am wrong, please let me know. Also, any further guidance I what I should do with these fish is greatly appreciated.

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