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Alict 06-10-2007 03:13 PM

Help, my filter ate my tetra!
My little brother got a fishtank for his birthday, and while we were up there today I figured I'd get two new tetra for myself.

Anyway, I got home and set the baggie in the tank, and noticed that I couldn't find one of my cardinal tetra. I have a small tank and it's easy to keep tabs on the fish.

I panicked-- he'd been perfectly healthy. After going through a few of them, you learn what a sick one tends to act and look like.

I found him stuck to the bottom of my filter. My first thought was that he'd died, but upon closer inspection I found him to be trying to escape.

I turned the filter off and he swam away.

He's swimming lopsided now-- his tail and the right side of his body have been hurt-- but otherwise appears perfectly healthy in coloration and the way he is associating with his surroundings.

My problem is that I'm afraid not only to put my new fish into the tank, but to turn the filter back on at all.

The tank is a Topfin, 4.9 gallons. The filter is a Whisper. Could it be a danger to my other fish? This never happened with my Eclipse tank, which I replaced not too long ago when it broke down.

mHeinitz57 06-10-2007 03:44 PM

well it is possible to have too powerful of a filter but generally when a fish gets stuck in a filter it is because the fish was originally ill or injured. I have a Rena Xp2 (75 gallon canister filter) and the intake still wouldnt be strong enough to pin a healthy fish to it. My guess is that something was wrong with it beforehand but it could have been just a fluke accident. If you feel that the fish are healthy and active, you shouldn't have any reason to worry. Some whisper filters have adjustable flow rates on them, maybe try turning it down if you can.

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