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Salix 02-27-2011 07:37 PM

question about lighting
I'm having some trouble with finding the right light for my 45 gallon aquarium. I have Amazon Swords and Wisteria in this aquarium and Wisteria is supposed to grow like weeds (from what I've read and been told. I've also witnessed it in my ten gallon tanks). But the two stocks I have in my 45 gallon are not growing much at all. I use the Flourish Comprehensive Supplement for the Planted Aquarium (one cap full twice a week) and I do regular water changes (10% three times a week) but the plants are not doing very well. They're healthy, a deep green color and the leaves are fine (well, the ones that are left. my fish have taken to pulling the leaves off) but not growing as quickly as you would think for Wisteria.

The tank is 36" long, 21" tall and 12" deep, and I have the Aqueon 17 watt Colormax in it now. I believe it is the standard 6500k. It doesn't say so on the box but the guy at the pet store was 99.9% sure that it is and these people do know what they're talking about. What type of light should I be using to get the maximum growth from my plants or is this a good bulb and I'm just being too impatient? Thank you for your time, it's very much appreciated.

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