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brandelion 02-26-2011 10:52 AM

sick powder blue dwarf gourami
I'm probably putting this in the wrong place...if so, sorry :-)
anyway...I have a powder blue dwarf gourami which I noticed last night was hangin' out behind a terra cotta pot and didn't come out at feeding time...when he was still back there this morning I assumed he had died so I moved the pot and he came out...but he's not acting right ...he looks ok as far as I can tell but he's hangin' out near the bottom and not swimming around nearly as much as he should be
he looks a little sunken in at the sides so I just fed them again and he is up at the surface eating...
I usually see him eating with the others but now I'm wondering if maybe he's not getting enough - I have 3 platies as well who obviously are faster eaters but I've never noticed the gourami lookin' like he was gettin' nudged out as the platies often abandon the flakes when I drop the bottom feeder food in
if it is a competition for food issue is there any way I can get the gourami fed without the platies getting in the way? or are there any other ideas as far as what might be up?
~thanks :-)
I should probably mention the rest of the fish I have in there just in case it matters - altogether I have 3 platy, 1 dwarf gourami, 4 'spotted' cories, 1 bristlenose pleco

Lupin 02-27-2011 05:01 AM

Yes, use a divider to temporarily separate them until he eats enough.

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