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dfbiggs 02-26-2011 01:55 AM

How do I ship snails in the winter?
I have researched this and everyone has a different strategy. First of all should I assume that this box of snails will never be in a temperature controlled environment in the shipping process? They are snails and prefer colder temps. But any snails I have sent or received come in a plastic bag in a very wet paper towel with no water. I plan on using the small priority box (the cube one) and it seems like in that small of a space, if I add a heart pack, it would cook them. How do you determine when you need use a heat pack? Does it depend on where I am located or where it is going?

Lupin 02-26-2011 07:45 AM

I've never done a heat pack as I live in a tropical country however snails are shipped by two methods. I'll explain them carefully for you. Though I will not involve myself in the heat pack issue with the methods as I have not done that. May have to asked my fellow snailers from US about this.

1. The paper towel method. Yes, I've received packages of snails before using this method. However, in my case, I received the mail within 24 hours as I asked them to do it priority mail. The mortality rate tends to be higher apparently as alleged by one snail enthusiast. I received 40 mystery snails, all wrapped in towels with only one fatality.

2. The other method is bagging the adult snails individually with water at least 1/4 filled inside the bag. You need to bag them individually as they tend to suffer shell damage when bagged together often crashing into each other during transport.

I've gathered enough info to simply surmise the heat packs are used only when the weather is frigid cold. Do not use them in hot weather. That in itself is self explanatory.

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