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KingKrueg 02-24-2011 07:31 PM

Good setup for danios?
Hey folks,

I've got a 29 gallon tank with sand substrate that has been set up for quite a while now containing a blue cherex lobster and 4 zebra/pearl danios. What I recently did was divide the tank in half to separate them all because I used to have 6 danios and you can pretty much guess what happened to the othe other 2. Anyway, the fish and lobster both have their own sides.

The tank does not have a heater in it and stays consistently between 71-73 degrees. Due to being a college student, don't really have much $$$ to spend on one at the moment.

Despite the fact that I do not have a heater, do you think the danios would still breed? I read places that for best breeding conditions I should be between 76-80 degrees. Do you think that even though the temperature is lower than the suggested conditions the danios would still breed?

Any response is a great help

DKRST 03-01-2011 11:23 AM

I think the temp, even a few degrees, is going to be important!

redchigh 03-01-2011 12:54 PM

For danios you'll need an ideal temperature and lots of live foods... Mosquito larvae work well, along with blackworms if they can eat them.

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