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donc 09-26-2006 11:26 AM

Power Failure protection
Hi I just got started :) with 25gal and all the water tests seem okay. Have 5 Zebra danious doing the cycling.
I am concerned about power outages, especially because when the power goes off to my water filter (Aquaclear I believe), the water empties from it and it needs to be reprimed with water before starting again. It not only won't resume filtering after the power comes on, it advises that doing so unprimed can burn out the motor or cause damage to it. Other than geting some UPS to keep the filter always running what other ideas are there? UPS is intended for short duration heavy draw so not sure if it works well for long duration low draw. Maybe some battery operated secondary that kicks in and fills the primary (or something silly like that?)

crazie.eddie 09-26-2006 11:47 AM

Jehmco sells one, but it's rather expensive for a 25 gallon tank, just for the unit alone. You then use a marine battery for the power source. You can connect several marine batteries for extended outages.

Here's the link...

BTW, most external HOB filters do not drain of water when the power goes out. The impeller sucks the water up into the intake tube and then forces the water out. If the power goes out, it will just stop forcing the water out. Unless there is not enough water in the tank, the water in the intake tubes will remain.

I found that if I keep the water line in the tank very close to the level of the HOB's output, then there should be no problems about losing water in the intake tubes. When I did water changes and the water line got close to the height of the intake tube inlet where to water comes in, then I would lose the water in the intake tube and I would have to prime the filter again.

donc 10-11-2006 01:00 PM

Power Failure protection
Thanks Eddie! I will retest with the water level higher.

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