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xxthrwitdwnxx 05-30-2007 11:17 PM

not sure if this is the right place
i have had some problems and now all is good but i just recently got two more tiger barbs and there top half is like red or dark when the light is off and it goes away when its on its really wierd

Lupin 05-30-2007 11:24 PM

Did you notice anything more unusual with those two? Are they the only ones who seem to change colors? When did you buy the latest barbs? What are your water parameters?

Something to take note...Fish do change colors depending on their moods and they will change as well depending on their environment. Some fish changed colors as they try to rest in the dark.

xxthrwitdwnxx 05-31-2007 12:02 AM

yes there the only to that are like that. no there not acting strange. and they have been in there for almost a week and are schooling with the others and water parameters are good ph 7.0, nitrites 0, ammonia 0, nitrate zero but i havent donw a water change in a week and there is no nitrates

Lupin 05-31-2007 12:29 AM

I don't think there is anything unusual with them.:? They seem normal to me. Zero nitrates? What test kit were you using? Have you check its warranty? I find it odd that you have zero nitrates. Do you have plants in your tank? I think you might as well add the whole stocking list of your tank and its size.:)

xxthrwitdwnxx 05-31-2007 01:11 AM

im using api and its still good and no live plants i have currently 6 tiger barbs, 3 red glass barbs, 2 rosy barbs, 2 algae eaters, 1 bala shark, 1 red tail, and 5 bumblee bee catfish with 0 nitrates, nitrites, and ammonia i find it shockingly wierd. i got algae growth but i dont think thats whats causing it or is it

Firebelly girrl 05-31-2007 03:26 PM

What size tank are all of these in? :lol:

fish_4_all 06-01-2007 01:40 PM

I think they are in a 29.

I see the same thing in my neon tetras from lights out to lights on. If I turn thelights on without some ambient light getting to the tank first the neons are almost ghost looking and very pale. They stay lythargic for about 5 minutes then color right back up and act normally.

xxthrwitdwnxx 06-01-2007 05:49 PM

yes its a 29 gallon bow front tank

fish_4_all 06-02-2007 03:38 PM

Please try to stay on topic for this and all other posts. We all see other things that can be said about a certain situation but the advice asked for in a post needs to be addressed and we need to stay on that topic.

One things I have found about certain fish is that they don't keep their color when they "sleep". This isn;t seen sometimes because the fish is stressed at night and never gets a chance to go into a full restful state where their colors fade in the dark.

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