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fish_4_all 05-30-2007 06:42 PM

Green water pains
I got rid of it and then it came back. It turns out it is my fault but really makes you wonder. My nitrates were 160 and phosphates are 60+. I have a ton of plants in the tanks, even more in than my other tank and the dosing is the same. My other less planted tank runs out almost all the time of both nitrates and phosphates and has a bigger bioload.

So I am changing my water and getting the levels down which is in turn taking care of the green water. I don't want to change too much too often so I deal with it until I get the levels abck to normal.

Is a good lesson to learn: just because one tank is acting right and not having any problems another tank, with the same or what we might think are even better conditions can have problems we never expect.

It is good that my fish haven't suffered at all yet and my plants absolutely love the high levels because they are growing super fast but the fish come first and that high of nitrates can't be good for very long. It was also really odd because I tested them not 2 weeks ago and the levels were normal.

Go figure! :?

herefishy 05-30-2007 07:01 PM

I just read an article in TFH a while back that stated the very same statement you made about similar set-ups not being the same. Each and every aquarium has its own idiosyncrosies and we should NEVER assume that what we do with one tank will affect the next tank in the same manner. Very well put f4a.

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