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h1m6c 02-05-2011 07:57 PM

eggs in tank with algea how can I fix?
posted earlier in freshwater breeding forum. I have angel eggs but my tank has a brown/red algea growing in it. I have a small pleco but just purchased it a cpl hours before eggs were laid and not allowed around the egg site by mom. Not too too worried ab the eggs surviving since it is the first spawn and now ab 1/2 the eggs have turned white. still have quite a few left tho (she laid A LOT) can I add a liquid algea killer to the tank without harming the leftover eggs or try to wipe it away or what?
I dont want to stress them out too much in fear that they wont spawn again or something weird like that but I also dont want my tank taken over by the algea. I dont have another tank to move the eggs to either but the only fish in the tank are the mom and dad who are pretty vigilant ab guarding the eggs and havent eatin any and another angel who is now forced to hide behind a plant or get the crap beat outta it.

any advice?

PRichs87 02-17-2011 07:00 PM

Don't use the algae killers, they will end up harming your tank in the long run and most likely your beneficial bacteria, just return it and scrap your tank clean/ let your pleco do some work. Your angel will most likely spawn again.

Byron 02-17-2011 08:13 PM

Yes. If you want the angel eggs to hatch and the fry to survive, leave the tank alone. Any intrusion into it will almost certainly cause the angels to eat the eggs or the fry. They instinctively do this if they feel threatened.

If this is the first spawn of the angels, you should be prepared for them eating the eggs/fry anyway. With commercially-raised angels, the first few spawns are often eaten. Wild angels never do this. But unless you know you acquired wild-caught angels, they are more likely to be tank-raised fish.

Normally angels will pick off and eat infertile (white) eggs or those that fungus. If they are not, that is likely another sign of beginning spawners. Eventually they will get it right.

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