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h1m6c 02-05-2011 01:21 PM

angels first spawn in slightly algeaed tank
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So I orginally posted in the freshwater forum for a VERY aggressive angel. Well turns out they were just in love. A couple days ago I noticed that my one angel was very large in the stomach area. Thought possibly from eggs but I really thought they were both male. Well last night I witnessed the now Female angel laying eggs and the male attempting to fertalize them. Slightly interesting. Its their first time spawning so 1/4 of the eggs are white this morning but there are still quite a few (im guessing around 200) that are still pink. The mother has become very protective (which i feel her attitude since I am around 4 weeks from delivering my own baby haha) and the male who was very aggressive now just chills out around the eggs like hes the man. My problem is is that the tank just started growing a brown algea? on the large plastic rock that the eggs are on and on the rock/gravel bottom. I actually bought a pleco about 2-3" long yesterday and added to the tank about 3 hours before the eggs were laid (not knowing that she was gunna lay eggs). Im not sure how to take care of this problem. Mom wont let the pleco get close enought to the site to clean anything and I dont want the algea to kill all the babies. not too too worried since it is their first spawn and not expecting to many survivors if any. But how should I take care of this problem? I dont want the algea to take over the tank either. I want to get it cleaned. This afternoon I see that the side of the tank is starting to get spots on it. That I can wipe off but what about the egg rock and the bottom?

If i did it right the picture are of mother and father. Father being the all back one. Very HUGE veil fins that actually have spots of irradescent blue and green in them and the mother is the black and white striped one. In the one pic you can actually see in the upper left hand corner some white eggs and some pink eggs and the brown/red is the algea.

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Guppie luver 02-05-2011 02:32 PM

I'll try to help
you should put alge ramover in the tank if it is posibal. I'm sorry i can't help more but thats what i would try. :lol:

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