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steve086 02-05-2011 01:02 AM

help with fish diet
i have a 50g tank with the following. 6 tiger barbs, 3 clown loache, 1 common pleco, 1 redtail black shark, and 1 sun catfish. everyone seems to eat when its feeding time but they refuse anything but brine shrimp or shrimp pellets. and i know i have mostly canivourous fish in my tank, but is this ok to have a diet based on shrimp alone? ive tried flakes of 3 brands, ive tried fresh cucumber for the loaches algea waffers, and my RTBS never seems to be eating food food but rather scavanges other things from the tank, it doesnt look like old pieces of food? idk but the TB will try new foods and spit them out, the CL come out when they know foods in the tank but then will only eat the brine shrimp.. basically is this ok? i thought of that kinda stuff as a here n there type food. am i wrong?

Lupin 02-05-2011 06:54 AM

Varied diet is required. You cannot stick to one food only as a staple. They will become undernourished if raised like that. Try soaking those foods in garlic. Not a fan of flakes. It's like feeding them potato chips. The vitamins they claim to hold would have leaked anyway once exposed to light and air. Try sticking to sinking pellets and add fresh shrimps, mussels, boiled egg whites (no oil), bloodworms, earthworms, mosquito larva and daphnia.

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