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Plumkin 02-03-2011 06:39 PM

Angels lip locking
I noticed today when I got home from work that one of my angels in my 75 gallon tank has a very fat stomic I been only feeding flakes in the tank for awhile since the bloodworms will bloat them.. and this angel has lip locked with my black angel [the one as my picture] a few times i seen them do this she still picks on my black angel Im not sure if they have paired off or not I have my angels that did pair off in my 30 gallon tank but no results yet I dont think they even are a spawning pair they had the behavior and now its all gone and they just act like normal angels so I dont know what there doing any advice?

Plumkin 02-04-2011 02:00 PM

well today I look in the tank when I wake up and the angel's stomic is back to flat I dont know if she laid eggs and my giant plecos and all the other fish ate them or what or if it was just poo .shrugs.

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