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Mr.Todd 05-28-2007 01:45 AM

CO2 Questions
Has anyone ever heard of this product?

Natural Aquarium Vital

Perhaps this is due to my complete lack of knowledge when it comes to planted aquariums... But, I am trying to create a decent environment for a few plants and still maintain a very high pH (around 8 to 8.2). I realize this limits me on my plant selection but I am weary of CO2 injection because won't that lower my pH quite a bit?

Anywho, I just saw this product and wondered if it was good and if it would affect my pH.

Do I even need to worry about CO2 levels if I am minimally planting my tank?

fish_4_all 05-28-2007 11:56 AM

I would say that CO2 injection is going to be pretty much a waste of time with a pH that high. It owuld take some seriously hard water to even get above ambient levels and just isn't going to be conductive to a healthy fish tank. To give you an idea, at a pH of 8, your KH would need to 100dKH just to get to 30ppm CO2. This is rediculously high. And yes, as soon as you add CO2 to the water the pH will drop andmake it even harder to get the levels needed to both help the plants and not cause a major algae problem. It is best to go no CO2, IMHO. If your plants seem to need more Carbon then I think Flourish Excel would be your best bet.

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