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Wolfe 01-28-2011 09:14 PM

White male sailfin Molly
Hey everyone, Ive just started adding mollies to my tank, starting roughly about 3 weeks ago, and would just like some advice :D

I have had platys and guppies over the years (started my first 20 litre tank with a platy and a guppy XD), and know a fair bit about live bearers, however Id just like a personal opinion instead of always reading off the internet.

3 Weeks ago I added the most beautiful sail fin molly I had ever laid eyes on. I'll admit the first time I saw a molly I thought it was the most hideous fish Id ever seen, but they kind of grew on me :D
Hes white with bright blue streaks in his tail, and yellow along his "Sail Fin". Hes about 7 or 8 cms long now, and his sail is about 5 cms when fully erect. He is in a 75 liter tank with some corys and bristlenoses, also an upside down cat. I added a black female molly at the same, she about 5 cms long and a lyre tail. These two got on really well until a few days ago, she would follow him everywhere and he never chased her. However he started harassing her a lot so I bought a second bright yellow female molly to divert his attention. However he wanted nothing to do with her! Nope hes a one gal kinda man (bless his wee heart XD) so today I went back and bought another female molly, this one a black and orange lyre tail. Both the two new females are about 4 cms long so a bit smaller than the first two. Now hes harassing both the black molly's and still leaves the yellow one alone. Have I created a monster?! He puffs up his top fin and circles around them, keeping them herded. If one manages to break away he relentlessly chases her back. Hes not nipping but is showing extreme psychopathic behaviors.

Im getting worried he is going to tire them out. He does often divert and just follow one around, letting the other having a break, but the larger black female clamps up all her fins when he comes near.

What would you guys suggest I do in this situation? I have alot of plants and driftwood, its a natural tank but the females refuse to hide from him, just run away. I has some Java moss to catch any babys that they have (Im positive the two balcks are pregnant) but they wont go there either.

What am I going to do with this wee man?
Thanks and advice is appreciated.

pringleman1 01-29-2011 12:12 AM

You could try taking the female that the male is always protecting out fro a couple of hours maybe and see if he will then be nicer the the other female because his favorite isn't there, then when things calm down a bit put her back in and hopefully the male will be nice to all of them.

P.S. Could you post a picture of them into my other thread here>>
Id like to see lots of pretty livebearers :-)

Wolfe 01-29-2011 04:23 AM

Yes this is a good idea, hes settled down for the night and isnt chasing anyone at the moment, but when he starts harassing them I will pull them out.
And certainly, I dont have my own camera but I will take some pictures when I visit home and can borrow a camera :D

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