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brancasterr 01-27-2011 01:09 AM

Proper lighting for a turtle?
Hey guys,

Sorry I've been posting all over the reptiles board. :P I'm just trying to make sure I get all of the proper knowledge before I set out into turtle ownership.

I've heard and read to much conflicting information on the lighting needs for turtles. Particularly musk turtles but I'm sure lighting is about the same for all turtles. So I figured I would get some of your thoughts on the matter.

To start, I know that my soon to be new turtle will need a good deal of UVB and UVA lighting. I have a strip housing for a strip UVB bulb and also basking lamp units.

I just recently went to the petstore and bought all of the essentials I'll need (aside from lighting because I was confused) and I was offered a free 10.0 rated coil UVB bulb that goes into a basking lamp unit because I spent so much money..haha.

However, I've been told not to use those because they don't produce the proper amount of UVB rays and can also burn my turtles eyes. (I believe kazzy told me this, I'm not knocking your advice kazzy, I just wanted to get some second opinions.) But, I've also been told that they are perfectly fine by people that have used them for years.

Any advice on which I should use? If I can use the coil bulb and save some money on not buying a strip bulb that would be great.

In short:
-Should I use coil UVB bulbs or strip UVB bulbs? Advantages and disadvantages of both?
-If I use the coil UVB bulb I'll still need a basking bulb to provide UVA right?
-If I use UVB strip bulbs would I just turn that on over the whole tank and also offer a UVA basking bulb over a basking spot?

Thanks guys!

brancasterr 01-27-2011 02:11 AM

Also, if I should go with strip UVB lighting I found this site. Joshesfrogs or something like that. He offers free shipping on the bulbs and they're the cheapest I've seen anywhere for a 10.0 rated bulb.

Here's the link:
Click to buy repti glo 10.0 desert terrarium lamp 24 inches free shipping from Josh's Frogs. We also have wide ranges of linear florescent bulbs. Fast shipping. Excellent services - Josh's Frogs

However, it says ideal for desert terrariums. Is this still okay for turtles?

ALSO I've read that musk turtles don't need a high percentage of UVB light. Is this true?

brancasterr 01-27-2011 08:06 PM

Lol, I think I answered my own question here.

I'm going to get a 24" 10.0 UVB tube light and a UVA basking light.

I'll place the UVB tube light as far to one side as I can over the basking area and also place the UVA basking light directly on the basking area.

Sound good?

Sounds good.

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