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Enzo 05-25-2007 05:37 PM

spiny eels
how small is to small of a fish to keep with these i read gouramis are ok but ive been told theyll clear out your whole tank is this true? and is a covered tank 100% nesessary and can there be holes around 2 inches wide with out them getting loose? ( a tank right next to my head when i sleep shouldnt have creature getting out when im asleep)

tophat665 05-25-2007 10:57 PM

First off, how small a fish you can keep with it depends on exactly what kind of eel. Some of them stay around a foot, some of them get up to 2'. The Smaller eels are dangerous to smaller tetras, dwarf cories, and possibly kuhli loaches. So fish up to an inch and a half long or very skinny. The larger eels can handle fish up to 2 inches and correspondingly larger worm shaped fish.

Any eels can get you through a 2" hole, no problem. Holes need to be plugged up so that there is nothing bigger than 1/2" diameter, and if the holes are at the edge of the cover, you need to be even more careful, because the eel can lift the cover just a little and either get out or get stuck - either will leave you with a dead eel.

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