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GW 05-25-2007 01:04 AM

Back at it Again
8) Well it's been 10 years...10 years too long!
The addiction(I spent my childrens inheritance previously) has taken hold again :lol: (thanks to my Son-In-Law's gift) :wink:
Oh starts out innocent enough with a 29gallon freshwater tank and the statement to the Wife "Honey...It's the only tank I need"(which i knew was a half truth shortly after it left my mouth :lol:
My last tank was a 200gallon living reef stocked with common and green carpet anemones, clownfish, clown triggerfish, yellow tang, flametail gobies, snowflake eel, coral banded shrimp, live rock, crushed coral substrate.
In that tank before it became Saltwater...I raised Albino Oscars for years and would trade them back to the pet store for more fish&supplies when they got big enough.

Thanks for this resource...I've been out of the game for awhile but I can already hear myself starting to say: "I need think about upgrades"!!!

willow 05-25-2007 01:19 AM

welcome aboard.
funny thing about fish keeping,i think
it's one thing that you always come back too.

Daz 05-25-2007 01:53 AM

Hello GW. Nice to get that spark back ? :wave:

GW 05-25-2007 12:07 PM

Thanks for the Welcome...
Now if I could just get a decent picture with this new camera :roll:

GW 05-26-2007 02:48 PM


Originally Posted by Daz
Nice to get that spark back ? :wave:

Yeah...and the flames already spreading :lol:

...Yesterday I did a small change to the plant arrangement adding some Bacopa that I shortened to make it more compact and add more hiding places...and Their definitely using it 8)

willow 05-27-2007 03:26 AM

your tank is looking lovely !
well done

Lupin 05-27-2007 11:07 PM to

I'd love to see more of your pics.:mrgreen: Your pics are excellent.

Falina 05-28-2007 05:13 AM

Welcome to the forum and nice tank!

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