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xdaCostax 01-26-2011 12:03 PM

Fatty Platy
Hey guys

I was just wondering what might of happend to my mickey mouse platy the other night.
I think its a male because it has the penis organ pointing backwards. Anyways I did a water change of 20% in my 16gallon bowfront tank and 2 hours later, after a feeding, my mickey mouse platy had a fat belly.

This was around 9pm last night till 11pm when I went to bed, then this morning... back to normal.
I have 4 platies in total and durring this period my sunburst male was following him like crazy but didnt appear to try and do the dirty as he does with my female platy.
Also no other platies had this and every single one was very active, but there poop is white :(

My amonia levels are 0ppm and PH @ 7.8

Any ideas? Also read that platies are born females then switch to males and still give off female sents ever so often? Is that true aswell?


Lupin 01-27-2011 09:46 PM

Any pics of the platy in question? The proper term for "penis organ" with fish would be gonopodium. This made me giggle a bit.:oops:

I'm inclined to suspect some platies are just late bloomers hence the speculations over sex change. We need the pics because I'm not getting your situation at all.

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