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nvmyluv420 05-24-2007 11:24 AM

do you know angels?
i have 5 angel fish and i have no clue how to tell what sex they are. they all get along fine ive got 3 big 2 little, but i have no clue whos a male or a female? can anyone help me???

Lupin 05-24-2007 12:02 PM

Distinguishing sexes of angels cannot be determined until they are in spawning conditions. Males in spawning conditions should have a pointed tip on the tube near their anal fin and should be positioned forward. Rounder tip and backward position for females. The same thing is applied to discus.

Sexual maturity should be at 9 months of age but it can vary with different strains and proper care provided.

saint 05-25-2007 11:42 AM

from experience i have found that the male can also have mor of a bump on his "forehead" where the female has a flat one..

very hard to explain i guess.... lol

Arash 05-25-2007 11:36 PM

lupin is right

the only way you can understand their sex is to wait
and this rule is not only for angels , it is for all cichlids,

there is no way no way to understand the sex except the spawning time

and if you wanna be sure to have both sex in your tank try to buy at list 6 ( 8 is more recomended) little angel fish to have both sex. and when they grow up they get pairs.

and about fore head that my friend said I make sure this is not true my biggest angel ( of my 13) is a young brave female and she has a big head and also fore head so forget about everything and try to put some PVC PIPE in diferent parts of your tank wether see they are ready to spawn or not and you will see the pair swim together and never fight with each other the female spawning part is bigger and same size from beginnig to end and the male's is pointed and smaller

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