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jac8724 05-23-2007 10:44 PM

First time fish mama, needs some help!
Hi guys im new to the forum!!! I would appreciate any help you guys can give me now cause im a first time mama to some possible new fish...i hope!

ok so heres the story: one out of my two albino tiger barbs has been hanging out by the bottom alone alot in the past few days. she (i think its a 'she') has also been hanging out with another standard tiger barb down there(once in awhile) i dont have any plants in the tank, just cheesy plastic tank decor(have all the fake coral reef stuff, but places to hide). shes been hiding under this octopus in a pot thingy. Its a 55 gallon hex with 2 albino tiger barbs, 3 regular tiger barbs (all only about 8 months old) a huge full grown golden severum, and a 6 inch long pleco. she is also wide and fat looking, compared to how she looked last week. all the tiger barbs always hung out in a group, but the size and behavioral changes in her are apparent now.

im really excited about this whole baby thing, as i have wanted to beef up my tiger barb population and i think i have enough room to house a batch of babies. I really think she is about to lay some eggs. what do you guys recommend doing, as i have no plants for protection, and a huge pleco? i have a small quarantine tank, of about 2.5 gallons...probably not big enough to hold the mom and dad, with some eggs. BUT, my tiger barbs are still just under an inch...should i put them in there to breed? leave them alone? buy some plants for protection? any help on how to save a few babies would be appreciated! thanks guys/gals

Lupin 05-24-2007 08:46 PM


You said the tiger barbs are still under an inch? I don't think they have reach sexual maturity enough to allow them to go in spawning conditions. Tiger barbs grow to 2-3 inches. What are your water parameters? Any pictures of the tiger barb which you said is fat and wide? I find it odd that tiger barbs hide under decors when they usually parade around the tank trying to harass each other out and even court their members.

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