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Guber 01-24-2011 03:12 PM

Lethargic tetra
Had a school of tetra for quite some time now in a planted 20g. Recently noticed one being lethargic. Small amounts of swimming, strays from the pack and is resting on the bottom. No visible signs of anything wrong. Only thing I will note Is I've had recent trouble with what I'm assuming to be hair algae growing over or in my java moss. Outside of water changes and a small dose of salt to the tank on it's last water change which was within the last week or so I've done nothing else and am stumped. Hope to save the little guy before anything worsens. Thanks in advance guys
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aunt kymmie 01-24-2011 11:26 PM

What type of tetras? Most tetras (nearly all tropical fish, for that matter) are highly senstive to salt. Perhaps he is a less hardier individual than your others and the salt is affecting him? It's the first idea that comes to my mind. Were it me I'd do a water change in order to remove the salt and see if he improves.

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