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fish_4_all 05-23-2007 01:01 PM

Algae Blooms, Are some uncontrollable?
I get green water every spring. And it always goes away by itself. But why?

Green water is an algae bloom that in lakes is pretty normal about once a year. What causes it is the thermal turnover off the lake and the mixing of the nutrient rich bottom with water higher in the water column. The nutrients feed the algae that is already in the water and now has a massive amount of nutrients to thrive and become a massive bloom.

Now I know that our tanks are a little small to actually have a thermal turnover but isn't it possible that the same thing could happen? My tanks are cool in the winter meaning the temp in my house rarely reaches 75F and is more like 68F. The stand that my tanks are on is open on the bottom so the bottom of the tank is always in contact with the cooler air. This could keep the temp of the substrate rather cool. Once the temps rise high enough, why couuldn;t this cause the bacteria in the substrate and the nutrients in there to become more active and cause enoguh excess nutrients to cause an algae bloom?

What are your thought one this and if you have anything to add please do. It would be nice to how many others have the same coincidence of an algae bloom when the temp finally warms enough.

Mr.Todd 05-24-2007 08:17 PM

Personally I have never noticed this in my tank but it is very interesting.

This makes me think of coral spawning practices... For example, in the gulf of mexico every year on the eighth night following the full moon in August, one hour after sundown all of the corals (of various species) will start to spawn. Its really cool, no one knows how they coordinate nor how they regulate what time of year it is, nevertheless it happens at the same time every year...

Call it conspiracy... :) :)

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