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Plumkin 01-23-2011 09:01 PM

Angelfish pairing off?
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Hello, I recently noticed my angelfish paired off there always together 98% of the time they one being the female .. atleast It looks like one cannot be sure since I never seen them lay eggs , she will swim sideways super face and ram into any fish that gets near her or the other angel.. she is a orange angel and my other is a white angel with some dots on him. I have them in my 75 gallon fish tank with a parrot chilid named chubs everyone loves him hes so cute n squishy! , 2 medium marbal angels , 1 black veil stripped angel , 1 tetra , 1 clown loach , 2 giant danios , 2 rainbow sharks

I was thinking to put the 2 angels that seemed to pair off into there own fish tank , I have a 30 gallon that is planed well with moss , amazon sword, bamboo plant and such thats where all my mollys are and my green severm I just use it as a basic tank but they breed like mad crazy in there so i a few of them now..

So i would take the fish from the 30 gallon being mollys and such , put them in my 10 gallon tank and put the 2 angels that paird off in the 30 gallon with some slate, if anyone has some advice for me If i shouldn't move the angels or anything you can see there papila's there not really out.. but there sorta out..

[I had a Giant angelfish and the papila was always out but nothing ever happened]

so im not to sure what to think of this but please tips and advice would greatly help me this is my first post so sorry if its to long thank you !:-D

Christople 01-23-2011 09:38 PM

the only reason I would see a problem is the water difference. Mollies like hard water and angles likes soft other tan that I do't see a problem

Plumkin 01-24-2011 04:24 AM

well after cleanin the tanks out and removing all the fish and plecos from my 30 gallong I put my pair of angels in there with some slate and such for them to lay there eggs on hopefully I will see some results in a few days :D

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