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Cloverdale 01-23-2011 08:45 AM

Friends for Mollies?
Hello all! I have a newly established tank with 3 mollies (1 silver and 2 dalmatian). I believe they are all females, but being a newbie to the hobby, I wouldn't bet on my opinion. ;-) As these are the first guys (or gals) in my tank, I do not plan on getting any more fish for at least another week or two, but in the meantime I am trying to do all the research I can to determine what the next addition to the tank should be. So, here I am asking for your opinion. A few facts to shape your opinion:
- 26 gallon bow front (tall tank)
- Lightly planted now, but plan to work up to moderately planted
- temp kept at 80, water is on the hard side, did put aquarium salt in at 1/2 teas per 5 gallons for the mollies
- my family would like to see some colorful fish

So - your thoughts??

drpound2 01-23-2011 02:31 PM

I also have a community tank with mollies. I've had a creamsicle molly which is bright orange which could bring color to your tank if you were looking for another molly. I've also had fancy guppies with them. You can find some to have very pretty tail fins. Glo danios were also in my tank but I found that I needed to have a school of 5 or 6 to keep them happy and less aggressive towards other fish. Other options for you might be angelfish, barbs, a female betta (not a male),discus, gouramis, loaches, rainbow fish, platies, rasbora, or swordtails.

Crocer 02-02-2011 01:12 PM

those are sound pretty good Idea's. the only 2 I question there though is the discuss and the platy.
As far as I know Discuss like high temp, but require soft acidic water. And Platies like hard water but don't do well in temps higher then 76. just my 2 cents anyways.

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