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Mirta 05-22-2007 03:13 PM

When can snails come home?
My tank is receiving medicine against parasites, since I've noticed that more and more fish are infected with white spots. The most feeble ones are gone I do not want to take any more chances.

So I have removed my apple snails to prevent them from medication poisoning. I have another large tank, but I was afraid to let the snails in there lest they carry the disease further. So I put them in a small quarantine tank.

The water is all green now from the medication. It will take a week to complete the treatment cycle according to the instruction. It is a 80 gal tank and changing 30% water in one day twice is going to be a challenge.

The question is - when can those snails safely come home if ever? They were born in our tank and I would hate to lose them. They are probably very uncomfortable (8 teen snails) in a 2 gal tank now.

Trishfish 05-22-2007 07:19 PM

What medication are you using?

You must do 100% treated water changes every day for your snails, twice if you can. They can't tolerate poor conditions. It shouldn't be too hard with such a small amount.

TropicAurora 05-23-2007 04:59 PM

If you can get a Lee's Ultimate Gravel Vac or similar, the water changes for the bigger tank will be less hassle. I got the 25' kit. It syphons directly from the tank into your sink. They're about $65 or so but well worth it when having to do large water changes. I have an 80gal also & mine had to be done daily, 25%, for 2 weeks, and it's still being done until the water tests good for ammonia & nitrites. By the way, this happened during a week long stint in the hospital and then a week at home from chemo/rad treatment. I had someone else do it because I was/am unable, but I supervised. It's a hassle but not too bad to save your fish and tank. Good luck.

Mirta 05-24-2007 04:46 PM

Thank you for your replies!

I was using medimor medication which made the water as green as a witch's blood. It contains chemicals which kill bacteria, fungi and parasites. It is sort of universal. My younger and weaker fishes have not survived the treatment though.

The 30% water change was recommended by the medication instruction. I have done an almost complete change twice, however, because I saw that the fish do not feel well. It was tough because the tank is huge and I cannot gather enough water at a time to let it stand - to get rid of chlorine and possible metals which are the possible tap water components.

The water tests are good, but it looks a bit dim. The snails are back because I thought they were more uncomfortable in their small temporary dwelling.

The most disturbing is the fact that some of the surviving fishes (two cherry barbs) still have those white spots. And I am afraid they won't go away until they kill all my fish. I do not want to use that green stuff anymore since I am afraid the fish do not benefit from it. I will watch the spots maybe they will go away.

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