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Bluetangclan 01-21-2011 07:00 AM

My discus and friends
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I started a thread back in august but cant seem to find it so after I had a bout with ich caused from feeding my finicky discus food they didnt get along with. Anyway, no deaths in awhile and even some my rams seem to be doing well(I had much more issues with my rams than the discus). I think the ram thing comes down to getting good specimens. Believe it or not, I had one previous ram from petco, after going through 6, I had some from several reputable local stores who didnt survive, and in a final grasp, i bought 3 more from Petland, and all three not only survived but I ended up with two pairs :) I knew it had to be the rams themselves and not my keeping practices as my discus never had an issue. Anyway enough talking, here are my fish. All eat from my fingers.

aunt kymmie 01-21-2011 10:01 AM

Whoa, I got to that last photo I jumped back, since I was expecting another discus shot, lol. What type of fish is that in the last shot??
That's odd that rams purchased from Petland survived! I'd be too afraid to buy anything from a big pet chain store and put them in with my discus. You are a very, very brave man!! I'm glad your rams paired up and are doing well. Any spawning activity from them??
Your fish look really good! They've gotten so much bigger than the last pics you posted! Mine won't eat from my fingers but they sure make a mad rush to the front of the tank the minute they see me coming.

Bluetangclan 01-21-2011 10:26 AM

Its an Electric Blue Jack Dempsey. Cool little fish. I might have to find a new home for him in the future though. After the early ram kicked its butt early on, now he is starting to come into his own when feeding time comes around. He and the rams still wage a guerrilla war on occassion.

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