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noledoc 01-19-2011 01:53 PM

Questions about Large Tank Builders
A really big question for you wise folks.
Where can I find a glass/acrylic/steel tank maker who makes reliable aquariums with good dependable workmanship, between 8 and 12 feet in length, for reasonable cost?
I'll share with you two different costs of glass tanks as an example.
GlassCages: 96" x 24" x 31" for $1086.
Coast to Coast 96 x 24 x 31 for $4250.
When I pointed out the huge price difference to the man from Coast to Coast he strongly urged me to avoid working with GlassCages due to "their awful reputation". He recommended I search the online info which I started. So far, he's right, very troubling feedback from most people who offered it.
Yet, I cannot afford the coast to coast tank.
I'm been told that master welders can construct steel tanks. Any feedback about that?
Has anyone here had experience with aquarium builders of large tanks who could offer advice?
Special thanks to Dawn & Kym, two very special and wise masterTankers.

noledoc 01-22-2011 09:59 PM

Update on V big aquarium building
As I have explored the aquarium purchase, finding some tank builders much too expensive and another one with a questionable reputation, I shared some of my frustration with the contractor who has been putting my house back together again following a tornado strike three months ago. My contractor has developed a strong interest in taking on this project of building my aquarium.
The man has been totally delightful to work with. He's outstanding, thorough, creative and honest and he's become a friend. As we talked he asked questions and offered suggestions. His interest grew rapidly. Finally I ask him if he would be willing to take on a project like this. He said he would love it.
As we talked we enlarged from what I thought I would have to accept due to cost etc. He suggested what has been a dream of mine for many years, an "L" shaped tank. The tank will be on a stand he'll make. It will have one face 16 feet long and the short part of the L would be 8 ft. The entire tank would be 36" in width and 30" deep. It will have a steel frame. This basement monster will hold over 1,000 gals.
James is a glass expert as well and works with a master welder. He is excited about doing this project and so am I. He has access to all of the materials wholesale including glass of all thicknesses, laminated, tempered, wood, lighting etc. He also works with acrylic. No one in this area builds large custom aquariums and he sees the possibilities.
Never could I afford to have what he's planning to build on site except under these conditions. I'll share with you the price when he gives it to me in a few days. He is not yet an experienced aquarium builder although his resume with glass, wood, steel, and all things construction is vast, his recommendation impeccable. We will need to consult an experienced aquarium builder to add to our team.
I have a question. Do you or anyone know of good fairly technical sites online that discuss the finer aspects of construction including water depth, glass thickness and engineering details?
Thanks for letting me share this with you. Keep your fingers crossed. . !

aunt kymmie 01-22-2011 11:45 PM

Hi Paul- I have a PM I'm still in the middle of writing for you. None of it on the tank issue, just a fun "let's catch up chat". :-)

It sounds like you have some good people to work with. Sometimes your "builders" don't even need to be "specialized aquarium builders". I have a few friends of mine who are in construction that I would trust 100% to get into a project like this for me. Too bad none close to your side of the country.
Another forum I'm on gives glasscages a bad rap, but then a few others there swear by them. They say how the company has bad communication but a really great product. The people that give them the kudos are people who keep some of the most pricey fish the tropicals have to offer.

I'll PM you the sites that discuss this type of thing. I'm excited for your project and really glad you're doing such extreme research. Hard to go wrong when you're covering all the possible angles.


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