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gordonuk 01-19-2011 12:05 PM

Water Quality - is it ok?
I have been able to get a detailed report of my water supply and was curious if any of you out there think the levels are too high/low for fish.

I treat my water with tetra water safe but is any levels too high (as 2 fish are flashing) that i may need to use any other treatments.

UU have told me that the results for this area was taken from end of street, so its as close as I can get without them testing my own home supply.

Most of the stuff shown means nothing to me.

If you cant make the images out visit
United Utilities: Drinking water quality
and enter postcode: M9 0FN (this is not my home code but same area and same supply)

In the detailed report its the average column that represents my water

Aqua Jon 01-20-2011 12:28 PM

It appears to be fine if not exceptional, to my knowledge, others may know better. But it sounds like you have an issue either way. Since your fish are "flashing", its may not be the quality of the water that is bothering them. I know my fish have "flashed" during a bout with Ich. Can see any white spots on the fish? Ich is relatively common and could be the trigger of this behavior in your fish. Not seeing white spots may mean that the Ich is just starting out and not yet visible or that your fish are bothered by something else.

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