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seank80 01-19-2011 10:04 AM

Newb here. First salt water tank.
I am starting in this hobby with a free tank and mostly free equipment. Let me break down what I currentl have. It's a 29 gallon tank. I am using an undergravel filter system with a power head. I also have a biowheel filter with 4 cartridges. I have a heater that is integrated into the filter but I am thinking of turning it off and adding a 100 watt submersible. So on to my questions. I am using crushed coral as a base. I currently have no live rock in the tank. I am not using a protein skimmer. Right now my SG is about 1.021 to 1.022. My ph was around 8.0 two days ago. I have been using some marine additive to get the ph up to 8.2 to 8.3. My question is should I add live rock? If so will I be fine without a skimmer or uv sterilizer. Sorry for my ignorance but I was looking forward to adding fish this weekend but I assume if I just add live rock tonight then I should hold off. Thank you so much.

Mattcot 01-19-2011 04:01 PM

Hi i am new to SW and fish keeping my self.

But from the little I know you don't wont to use the biowheel at all and you need to get rock in ASAP the live rock will speed up the time of your cycling of the tank getting it ready for fish, but your need to leave it with out fish for at lest 4 weeks minimum. in-tell your Ammonium reads 0

and your PH is not as in portent as your DKH (alkalinity or carbonate hardness)

plus read this it's a really good read and place to start for SW

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