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Tapil 01-17-2011 08:52 PM

Spinal injury? Molly
Water params are bordenline normal acording to jungle jims test strips only ph is 7.4 which is still normal though i do not belive it is a water problem...

One of my mollys sits allday at the bottom of the tank (looks like he's dead) but when i walk up to the tank to feed he swims using only his front two fins all the way up to the top and happly greets his friends and gets a bit to eat and sinks back down.

at first i though he was dying of old age (almost 3 years old now) so i figured id let him die with his friends...

But he wont use his tail fin... If i look at him from a top down view his tail looks like an S
He has survied like this for over a month now xD
No he is not sitting on a desk xD he is in a small 10 gal hex tank for isolation/less stress over getting food

Does this fish just have scoliosis? No other fish act this way or seem sick - they are all in a 50 gallon tank with only 5 other mollys and 1 snail so theres no agressor
meh Advice?

jbonez 01-19-2011 11:23 AM

wow thats crazy. good luck with it

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