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Christople 01-17-2011 07:48 PM

help my ram is bleeding!!!!!!!!
My ram has a small gash in his side, He has had it for a feew days and I gave a liquid that helps heal small cuts and tissue. It was getting better but now its bleeding, Not bad but how do I stop this. They were a pair and selecting a spot when the gash was getting better but I dont know how it got there. How do I hel him recover.. I separated him in a breeder net. Should i put him in the tank or medicate him there. Is this serious or am I over reacting........ Help me. He isn't bleeding bad but he is barely

Calmwaters 01-17-2011 10:07 PM

I don't know what to tell you but just wanted to say I hope he is okay.

aunt kymmie 01-17-2011 10:41 PM

I've had this happen once or twice (very LIGHT bleeding from a gash) and I've had quite a number of fish gash themselves without bleeding. I've had my Pictus break off a small section of the first spine of his dorsal fin, twice! His dorsal grew back, both times. In all instances I've not medicated but stayed on top of frequent water changes. I did 25% water changes every other day, once I saw improvement I lessened the frequency (never missing my 50% weekly). Good, clean fresh water goes a long way in healing an injured fish. Good luck to you and your fish!

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